Making Choices

Visual Skills : Choices

The objective for choices is for your child to be able to independently pick a desired item from a choice of two items presented to her/him.

What to do

  1. Sit on the floor with your child.
  2. You hold up a block and a sucker. A
  3. sk your child “Adam what to you want?”
  4. Adam points to the sucker. OR Adam says “sucker”.

If your child does not respond to your “visual cues” – keep prompting and trying until he or she does.

Also, If you need to create a visual advantage for one item . . . put the FAVORITE item you think your child wants (out of the two choices) a little in front of the other, so that you create this unbalanced “advantage” for the particular object. This should prompt your child to make a choice. Explanation of this is within the video.

Items you need

  • A toy
  • Candy
  • Books
  • Nintendo DS
  • Anything your child likes to play with or shows interest in.
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