Increasing a Field

Increasing a field

The objective of increasing a field is for your child to be able to find a desire object or card in a field of up to 6 cards.
Increasing a field of cards or objects will help your child to later on learn how to read. I will help your child to learn how to scan and find objects/cards in a larger field.

What you need to do

  1. Sit on the floor at or at the table with your child.
  2. Engage your child by saying his name and or touching his arm.
  3. Put a set 2-3 cards or objects on the table in front of your child. For example: a duck, a banana and a bus.
  4. After you have your child’s attention say “(Child’s name) touch/find/where is/show me the bus.
  5. Perfect outcome: your child touches the bus. Praise!

Not so perfect outcome: your child touches the banana.

  • What to do: Say “Nice try but I want you to show me the bus.” then prompt your child to touch the bus.

Be Persistent

After that engage your child again and repeat. If your child touches the bus, great, reinforce. If not repeat the steps from above. Repeat it three times and if your child still is not getting it move on to a different task and come back to it later. Also once your child gets the prompted instruction right, redirect your child to a simple task he/she has mastered and then go back to the original instruction to make sure your child got it.


It might take your child a while, a couple days maybe even a couple weeks, to grasp the concept of what is asked of him/her. Don’t get frustrated and stick with the program. Your child will get there! Reinforce (Praise) a right response or even if your child is trying really hard. In the video you will see a demonstration of how to run “increasing a field” program.

Items you need:

Cards, objects

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