Using Reinforcement

What is Reinforcement?

Positive Reinforcement is key! Positive reinforcement uses positive rewards to shape a behavior. It is the most important tool for your child to learn a new skill/task.

Reinforcement means you are praising your child’s correct response/right answer in a positive way. Which can be a hug, a piece of candy, a book, access to his/her favorite toy, high five, access to an electronic device, a stuffed animal, anything your child likes.

In the beginning of teaching your child a new skill reinforce every single right answer. You ask your child to for example clap, so reinforce every time your child claps. Once your child understands the concept of what you want from them, start fading the reinforcement out. Only reinforce every other right response, then every third, every forth and so on until you have faded out the reinforcement and your child has learned a new skill!

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