Social Stories

Teaching Social Skills at school

One of the best tips I ever got was to put a social-skills goal into my child’s IEP. I had to push a little, but as parents of children with autism, we know we have to push!

School is tough. It brings a huge sensory bombardment, transitions from one activity to another, constant need to co-regulate with peers and teachers, academic demands, just DEMANDS in general! Add in the inability to take breaks, engage in stimming, and regulate their environment- school can be really stressful to a child with autism. One strategy that we have found to deal with the social pressure and situations at school are social stories.

Social stories are a valuable tool for teaching social rules, norms, and expectations of a situation.

This technique was developed by Carol Gray to help children read and understand social situations. It teaches appropriate social behaviors in the form of a short story. These stories can be tailored to an individual child or teen and tailored to a specific situation.

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A great site to find help with social stories is

Here’s an example of a social story from Living Well With Autism



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