Social Outings

Social Skills and Outings

The objective for social skills and outings is for your child to be able to be a part of social events and to be able to go on everyday outings with the family.

Children with autism have a very hard time figuring out social cues and how to behave in social settings. Typical functioning children usually just to what their peers do, children with autism often do not have the ability to do that. Therefore it is important to teach your child how to behave in different social settings, what the expectations are and to give them many opportunities to practice their skills. A great way of doing so is to take your child on outings. Take them to the grocery store, the post office, the mall to restaurants, the movies, Target/Wal-Mart/K-Mart, the park and do what other kids your child’s age do. Another great way of teaching is to sign your child up for dance class, karate, gym class, soccer, t-ball, boy/girl scouts, or any other group activity.

The more you expose your child to social settings and or group activities the more chances your child has to learn.

Before you take your child on an outing, tell your child where you are going and what you are going to do. A picture schedule/outline or written schedule/outline, that you can take with you, can help your child easy his/her anxiety of the new situation.

Bring your child’s favorite reinforcer, a lovey or something that can calm your child down. Reinforce often and praise your child for doing a good job. Continue to tell your child what you’re doing and use the schedule/outline for your child to follow along.

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