Peer Awareness

It is time to think about Back To School, and with this, often brings new classes, new teachers, and new social situations that can stress both children with autism and their parents out. I have had several conversations with friends that have dealt with educating typical children on what exactly Autism is and how it affects our children. It isn’t nessasarily easy, but can help children cope and help with the differences between themselves and their peers that surround them.

Which leads me to Kris. Kris took Peer Awareness one step further than conversation and made a terrific powerpoint that she showed to her daughter’s class in conjuction with her teacher. We got permision from Kris to share the power point with you to use or give new ideas on how you can advocate and create peer awareness for your child.  

Click on Image to download PowerPoint


There are also several books that can help with peer awareness. A few that we like:

1. My Brother Charlie by Holly Robinson Peete and  Ryan Elizabeth Peete (geared toward young kids)

2. Different Like ME: My Book of Autism by Jennifer Elder (8-12 year olds)

3. The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism by Ellen Sabin (All ages)

There are also several web resources that can help:

1. Autism Speaks School Community Tool Kit

2. Troy’s Amazing Universe– a huge list by age of books that can be used to help with Peer Awareness

Please feel free to share your back-to-school strategies with us! Here is to what hopefully is a happy and smooth transition back to school!

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