Using a Tunnel

Most children with autism have a hard time with understanding where they are in time and space. Being in an enclosed space gives them a feeling of security,stability and body awareness. A tunnel is a great way to give your child a safe and fun place to fulfill his needs.

You can use a tunnel in two different ways:

1. Lay the tunnel on the floor and have your child crawl through the tunnel. To make it more fun put a ball or a favorite toy in the tunnel so your child will have something to look for in the tunnel. You can also peek in at the other side of the tunnel to entice your child to come get you.

2. Keep the tunnel together lay it on the floor and have your child stand in it. Then pull up the tunnel enclosing your child in the tunnel while your child is standing up. Play a game of “peek a boo”.

You child might or might not like the tunnel. Try a couple times and don’t give up. Sometimes it takes a couple tries for your child to notice that they like it and that it helps them to calm down. If your child is continuously irritated try to find a different sensory technique. If you have any further questions or concerns please join our support desk.

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