Burritto Roll

The Burrito Roll Technique

Children with autism have a hard time understanding where they are in time and space. Being in an enclosed space gives them a feeling of security, stability and body awareness. Rolling them tight in a blanket (burrito roll) is a great way to give your child a safe and fun way to fulfill his needs.

Instructions for Lesson

Take a big blanket that will fit your child’s body. Lay your child on one side of the blanket and tightly roll your child up in the blanket. Make sure your child’s head doesn’t get covered and his neck is free. The blanket needs to be wrapped tight meaning no wiggle room. Make sure your child’s arms are on his/her side, makes the rolling up process much easier and tis’ the tightest fit. Sometimes it might take a couple minutes for your child to feel the deep pressure. So if your child cries for more than 3 minutes unwrap him/her immediately, if not let them be for 5-10 min.

Make sure your child’s arms are straight and close to his body before you start rolling your child in the blanket. That way he’ll not be able to wiggle his arms out.

You child might or might not like being rolled up tight. Try a couple times and don’t give up. Sometimes it takes a couple tries for your child to notice that they like it and that it helps them to calm down. If your child is continuously irritated try to find a different sensory technique. If you have any further questions or concerns please join our support desk.

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