Self Help Overview

Self Help Course Objective

The objective of self-help is for your child to be independently able to successfully master everyday tasks such as dressing and undressing, using utensils, drinking, waiting, tooth brushing, hand washing, grooming, shoe tying, potty training, telling time, money, doing buttons, snaps, and zippers, adjusting clothing choices according to weather, adjusting clothing (matching items), putting things away, and washing.

Itmes you need

Shirts, shoes, pants, socks, hat, gloves, scarf, coat, toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, shoe with strings.

Data and Skill Tracking Sheets

For information on “how to” use the Data & Skill Tracking Sheets, please visit this page here and download forms. You will need these sheets for each lesson below, stored in binder.

Self Help Course Overview

The focus of this course is for your child to become more independent by learning everyday skills such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, putting on shoes, etc. Self help uses a method called the “Deconstruction Method” which teaches your child how to do the process by breaking it down into small single steps and then string it back together once each step is mastered. This process works for most everyday tasks.

Course Disclaimer

The following video course is designed to help parents with ABA techniques used in Autism therapy.

However, this video course is NOT intended to diagnose, insinuate or recognize any “individual” problems with Autism. All advice and demonstrations of therapy in our videos are simply “generalizations and quick tips” for parents dealing with Autism. Autism Support Now has outsourced BCBAs to help with the design of the courses – but the videos are NOT intended to solve, fix or correct “specific problems with Autism” or to replace “in home” ABA Therapy.

Sensitive Material Disclaimer – ***Due to the sensitive nature of certain lessons in our Self Help Course, like dressing and undressing, potty training, etc. We will not be showing video advice for these lessons. We will however offer advice on tips for dressing and undressing with written word, through audio clips, or other means. Some “getting dressed” techniques will be explained via video however – for example, putting on a coat, hat, sweater, shoes, etc. And these techniques can be carried over to undergarments, pants, etc.

About the Instructor

Birka Katic is an ABA implementer in Missouri and has worked in an ABA therapy environment for the past eight years. Birka is the managing ABA Implementer and Instucter for Autism Support Now.

Autism Support Now offers ABA Therapy in Kansas City and throughout Southeast Missouri. Founded as an ABA self help video site in 2013 (by 501c3, Ella's Hope for Autism) ASN began offering in home ABA services in December of 2016 in Kansas City. In June of 2018 Autism Support Now, LLC opened it's second location in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.