Putting on a Shirt

Instructions for Lesson

  1. Sit or stand on the floor with your child
  2. Take a t-shirt and put it with the opening on top on top of your child’s head and pull it half way down the head(to about your child’s nose)
  3. Engage your child by saying your child’s name or touching your child’s arm.
  4. Once you have your child’s attention, say “(child’s name) pull shirt over head”.
  5. Perfect outcome: your child reaches up and pulls down the shirt. Praise success.
  6. Not so perfect outcome your child stands there.
  7. If this happens, reengage your child and say again “(child’s name) pull down shirt. You then prompt your child to pull down the shirt. After the shirt is pulled over the head repeat the steps from above. Always praise success and or effort.
  8. Then help your child to put on the shirt, putting the arms through the holes and pulling it down.

Breakdown of deconstruction for “putting on a shirt.”

  1. Shirt over head halfway
  2. Shirt over head all the way
  3. One arm through sleeve
  4. The other arm through sleeve
  5. Pulling shirt down half way
  6. Pulling shirt down all the way
  7. Putting shirt on all by him/herself
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