Brushing Hair


The objective of grooming his for your child to be independently able to brush or comb his/her own hair.

Instructions for Lesson

  1. Take your child to the bathroom or wherever you usually do your child’s hair.
  2. Get your child’s attention by either saying your child’s name and or touching your child’s arm.
  3. Pick up a comb/brush and say “(Child’s name) time to brush/comb your hair”.
  4. Take the brush and brush your child’s hair. Then say “(Child’s name) do this (brush child’s hair) and hand your child the brush/comb.
  5. Perfect outcome: your child takes the brush/comb and brushes/combs her/his hair.
  6. Not so perfect outcome: your child just stands there.  If this happens, reengage your child. Take the brush/comb and brush your child’s hair. Hand the brush to your child and say “Do this (brush hair)”. Prompt your child through the process.


It might take your child a couple day or weeks to understand the process. Always praise success and be patient.

Items you need

  1. Comb
  2. Brush
  3. Mirror
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