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ASNNewhomepic Ella’s Hope is proud to present our online resources for parents dealing with Autism. We have invested our time and efforts building an online autism resource portal for parents. In 2013, we have been able to produce ABA instructional videos, bring audio insight, and highlight Autism Specific products in our Amazon Store.

Parent Resources Audio & Video Advice from ABA Therapists

[row] [col type=”half”] therapyvideoslatest [/col] [col type=”half last”] audioadvicenewest [/col] With help from our sponsors and partners we hope to grow this site and keep it as “cheap as possible” for parents to access basic information and instructional videos on how parents can learn better “techniques” to deal with Autism. For a simple donation as low as $35, we offer access to our video training library, and we even let you ask ABA therapists simple questions via email too. We are always here to lend a helping hand for parents dealing with Autism. If you would like to help us, please donate, or sign up as a parent. We can also be reached by our contact form, or (toll-free) number above. [hr style=”dashed”]Advertisement GameStop, Inc. [hr style=”dashed”]

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Quick Tips For Your Child

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Sample Videos From our Member Only Training Section

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Q & A From Parents

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