School’s out for Summer! Now what?

Summertime is a time that for most kids means freedom and fun, but for kids on the autism spectrum it can be a really tough time. “Free time” or “unstructured time” is hard on our kids and parents don’t have the time or resources to fill the day up with activities! Autism Support Now is here to help! Below is a great list of links, sites, and resources that we found to help parents keep kids engaged this summer! Be sure to check out the videos on for other helpful tips on surviving summer!

General tips and resources to help with Summer days at home! 

1. Setting Up a Summer Schedule- Free Printable for setting up a summer routine.

2. A great guide to day-to-day activities for kids with special needs from

3. Calendar for Daily Sensory Activities Sensory Homework Chart for Parents

4. Daily Fine Motor Activities to do with Children Fine Motor Homework ImprovementActivitiesChart (1)

5. Free 2014 Speech and Language Calendar SpeechLanguageSummerActivityCalendarsEnglish

6. Pinterest is great resource tool! Autism Support Now presented by Ella’s Hope is constantly searching for free resources for parents! Follow us here!

7. TeachersPayTeachers is also a fabulous way to find resources like visual schedules, picture cards, language games- a lot for free too!

8. The Autism Helper– this is an awesome website! The Autism Helper has a “Summer Series” on helping reduce behaviors in the home!

As a parent of two children with autism, I try not to play therapist all the time- I would like nothing more than to let my kids just be kids, but I know order and routine are what my kids thrive on. Finding the balance is hard and we can’t forget to have fun! Because I am a school teacher, summer is the only time I get to be with my kids on a daily basis and I treasure that.

Happy Summer everyone!

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