Great Resources For Parents!

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As parents, we were at a loss of information and ways to help our child with autism at home. We sat on a waiting list for therapy for a year and felt completely helpless. Our child was nonverbal and we had no idea what her little mind could and could not do. Searching the web was overwhelming and we just could not find a place to start. This is one of the ways we want to help- help parents with household management, therapy strategies, social situations, etc…

Our first piece of advice- go easy on yourself and know some things will work and some won’t. There isn’t a cure and the future is always uncertain, but there are ways to make life alot easier! We don’t get a break from parenthood and we did not choose this club we are now in, but our kids are worth the fight and if as parents we empower ourselves to commit to the strategies that work for us, it does get better.

A GREAT site/blog for help at home and school!!! Wish I had found it sooner! – This site is full of visuals, PECS, PRACTICAL stuff to use at home with your child.

Autism Support Now offers ABA Therapy in Kansas City and throughout Southeast Missouri. Founded as an ABA self help video site in 2013 (by 501c3, Ella's Hope for Autism) ASN began offering in home ABA services in December of 2016 in Kansas City. In June of 2018 Autism Support Now, LLC opened it's second location in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.