Receptive Skills Overview

Receptive Skills Course Overview

The objective of receptive skills is for your child to be able to follow simple instructions and to be able to identify objects, picture cards, people, emotions, actions, numbers, letters, sounds, shapes, colors, community helpers, opposites, and body parts by touching them or pointing to them.

What Materials are needed

Picture cards, objects such as toys, cups, plates, everyday household items, clothes, any object you have in your house or at school.

Data and Skill Tracking Sheets

For information on “how to” use the Data & Skill Tracking Sheets, please visit this page here and download forms. You will need these sheets for each lesson below, stored in binder.

Quick Overview About Receptive Skills

Typical functioning children learn what the things around them are by observation and trial and error. For example, a typical functioning 22 months old learns about 10 new words every day. A child with autism doesn’t have the ability to learn things by just observation or trial and error. Therefore a child with autism has to be taught what everything around them is. Receptive skills teaches your child what an item is by simply touching an item.

Receptive language simply means that your child knows what an item is without having to verbally say it. For example, hold up a shoe and a spoon. Ask your child to touch the shoe; your child touches the shoe which means your child receptively knows what a shoe is. After your child has mastered an item in receptive skills you move on to expressive skills where your child has to label an item by either saying the word, using an approximation, sign or an electronic device.

In addition receptive skills teaches your child to follow simple instructions. You give your child a simple instruction such as clap hands which later on will move on to more complex instructions that will help you and your child to function in life, such as go get your shoes, put on your coat, get your backpack, take a shower and many more.

Course Disclaimer

The following video course is designed to help parents with ABA techniques used in Autism therapy.

However, this video course is NOT intended to diagnose, insinuate or recognize any “individual” problems with Autism. All advice and demonstrations of therapy in our videos are simply “generalizations and quick tips” for parents dealing with Autism. Autism Support Now has outsourced BCBAs to help with the design of the courses – but the videos are NOT intended to solve, fix or correct “specific problems with Autism” or to replace in home “ABA Therapy”.

About the Instructor

Birka Katic is an ABA implementer in Missouri and has worked in an ABA therapy environment for the past eight years. Birka is the managing ABA Implementer and Instucter for Autism Support Now.

Autism Support Now offers ABA Therapy in Kansas City and throughout Southeast Missouri. Founded as an ABA self help video site in 2013 (by 501c3, Ella's Hope for Autism) ASN began offering in home ABA services in December of 2016 in Kansas City. In June of 2018 Autism Support Now, LLC opened it's second location in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.