Washing – Personal Hygiene

Washing Personal Hygiene

The objective of Washing-Personal hygiene is for your child to be independently able to wash and dry his body by himself.

Audio Quick Tip

Our ABA Therapist Birka Katic discusses some quick tips about personal hygiene. Some of these tips may seem obvious to you as a parent, but remember, breaking steps down is very important step when explaining techniques to your child.

What to do

1. Take your child to the bathroom.
2. Engage your child by either saying your child’s name and or touching his/her arm.
3. After you have your child’s attention say “It’s time to take a shower/a bath, undress please and get in the shower/bath”.
Using the deconstruction method is a great way of teaching your child how to wash hands and dry them.
Steps for body washing
1. Have your child step in the shower/bath
2. Turn on water
3. Wet body
4. Pick up washcloths or sponge and apply soap
5. rub washcloths/sponge all over body, starting with the neck and shoulders, working the way down to the feet, make sure your child washes his/her genitals as well
6. Rinse body
7. Turn off water
8. Step out of the shower/bath
9. Use towel to dry body, starting with the neck and shoulders working the way down to the feet.

Let your child start and then finish washing his/her body. After each step is mastered string them back together into one continuous event. It might take your child a while to master each step. Be patient and praise any success your child will have. For questions or concerns please join our help desk.

Items you need

Soap, towel, washcloths, sponge, access to a shower or bathtub.

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