Social Interactions and Outings

Social Interactions and Outings helps your child explore the outside world.

Some tips to consider when going out.

  • Take your child anywhere you go and see how he/she handles it. It is important to expose the child to the outside world, it gives the child the opportunity to experience life.
  • Take the child to the park, the grocery store, the post office, to run errands, the pet store, simply anywhere you go
  • Always bring a preferred toy, a lovey, or a preferred activity with you so you can use it if your child gets overstimulated by a situation.
  • Sign child up for gym class, ballet, soccer, tball, swim lessons, any kind of team sport.Contact the instructor/teacher and talk to them about your situation. Explain what is going on and let them know the child’s needs; most places are very good at dealing with children with autism and enjoy having them in their classes.
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