Setting up an ABA Therapy Room

Setting up a safe environment for your child is a key essential for Autism Therapy.

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  1. Designate a room or space in your house for AUTISM Therapy – You want a room that is recognized by your child as the “therapy room”. This should be designated for letting your little one know its time to get to work.
  2. Keep the room/space simple and free of distractions – You want a plain room, not full of posters, or flashy pictures. Also not a great idea to have a TV or computer in the room.
  3. Have a kid size table and chairs – It is important to set up a comfortable environment for your child, so that he or she is not distracted.
  4. Get an Therapy Box – in there you should have ABA tools such as puzzles, flashcards, stacking toys, manipulative toys, toys your child likes to play with, items such as toys or food that can be used as reinforcement, sensory toys (for example: chew toys, motor toys, a weighted vest or blanket) and any other things your ABA team may ask for to use during therapy sessions.
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