How to talk to your child

Audio File Overview:
How to talk to your child on the Autism Spectrum – Press Play on file above for audio.  Please share file with others if you think appropriate.

  • Always use simple language
  • Speak in a calm voice (children with autism will pick up any kind of nervousness, anxiousness or tension, and will feed off of it).
  • Stay calm , be firm but don’t be mean
  • “no” is a concept a young child with autism does not understand. Instead of telling your child no try to explain why not . For example instead of saying “No don’t touch that” say “Put your hands down, keep your hands to yourself.”
  • Use a contingency: first you do _______, then you get _______ or after you do ______ you get______

DISCLAIMER: The following advice is provided by an ABA therapists, but does not promise to diagnose, solve or fix specific problems with Autism. This is for informational purposes only for parents – and not replacement for in home ABA therapy.

For more information on talking with your child, be sure to check out our Video Training Course under Communications Training (or Intraverbal Skills).

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