Hand Washing

Hand washing

The objective of hand washing is for your child to be independently able to wash and dry his/her hands by him-or herself.

Instructions for Lesson

1. Take your child to the bathroom or kitchen.
2. Engage your child by either saying your child’s name and or touching his/her arm.
3. After you have your child’s attention say “It’s time to wash your hands”.

Using the deconstruction method is a great way of teaching your child how to wash hands and dry them.

Steps for hand washing

1. Bring step stool to the sink
2. Turn on water
3. Wet hands
4. Pump soap on hands
5. Rub hands together to apply soap
6. Rinse hands
7. Turn off water
8. Use towel to dry hands

Repeat the Steps Until Process is Seamless

After each step is mastered string them back together into one continuous event. It might take your child a while to master each step. Be patient and praise any success your child will have.

Items you need : a sink, a towel, Soap

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