Pretend Play

Prentend Play

Pretend Play is a great way to engage your child and have some fun. Start with simple things such as: “Pretend to be a dog”, continue on to pretend to be at the grocery store, being a king, queen, doctor, fire fighter, being at the post office, etc.

What to do

  1. Sit on the floor with your child.
  2. Engage your child by either saying your child’s name or by touching his/her arm.
  3. Say” (your child’s name) let’s pretend to be a dog”. Then show your child how to be a dog(crawl and bark).
  4. Perfect outcome: your child does what you do: crawls and barks. Praise.
  5. Not so perfect outcome: your child just sits there.
  6. Prompt your child through the motions. Show him/her again what a dog does and then say “Pretend to be a dog”. Your child does it. Praise OR your child still doesn’t know what to do. Show him/her again and repeat step 3. Try for about 3 times and then move on to a new task and come back to it later. Once your child has followed your instructions, have your child to something completely different and then repeat step 3 again to make sure your child really got it.

It might take your child a couple weeks maybe even month to get pretend paly. Don’t’ give up and make it fun. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Items you need

Any pretend dolls Dress up clothes

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