Taking Turns

The objective of taking turns is for your child to be independently able to take turns, look at the other players and let them know it’s their turn or when it is your child’s turn.

What to do

1. Pick a game to play with your child.
2. Set up the game.
3. Get your child’s attention, briefly go over the rules of the game and say “(Child’s name) it’s time to play. It’s your turn.” While you say that look at your child and have point at your child.
4. Have your child tap his chest and say “my turn”.
5. After your child takes his turn, have your child look at you, point to you and have your child say “your turn”. If your child is not able to look at you gently take his chin and make him look at you and also help him point at you.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you are finished playing the game.
Turn taking can be used for playing games but can also be applied to many everyday situations. Whenever you have more than one person involved in a process, for example washing hands or taking a turn on playground equipment, turn taking can be applied.
It might take your child a couple of days, weeks and sometimes even months to understand the concept of turn taking. Don’t get frustrated and try to make it fun. For questions or concerns please join our help desk.

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