Play Skills


Play Skills Overview

The objective of play skills is for your child to be able to play with other children either at home, at a play date, at preschool, at school, at the playground and or at a party.

Children with autism often have a hard time engaging with other children and or picking up on the things other children are doing. Small children often play by themselves but by age 2-3 years they have developed the ability to observe what other children are doing, imitate what they are doing and or even play imaginative by themselves. Try playing things they have observed in their home/from their peers/from school/at the playground/from dance class/etc.

Data and Skill Tracking Sheets

For information on “how to” use the Data & Skill Tracking Sheets, please visit this page here and download forms. You can use these sheets for any lesson below, and stored in a binder.

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