Fun Phrases

The Objective

The objective of fun phrases is for your child to learn to communicate by either word, sign, approximation or electronic device by using short and fun sayings.

Space needed

When engaging your child to do “fun phrases with you, just sit on the floor with facing your child. Once you are prepared to go, ask your child if they are ready to do fun phases. Once child is ready, prompt your child by Saying the particular fun phrase that you have in mind. But leave a blank in the phrase, so your child can fill it in. Make sure that your child understands, or knows the fun phrase that you are using, otherwise your child may get confused.

For example – “Ready, set, ______”.

In this situation you are looking for your child to place the word in the blank. If you child does not do this on the first attempt, try prompting them by showing them how to say the word. Work with your child until he or she masters the fun phrase, and then move on to others.

List of possible fun phrases –

1) Ready, Set, Go!
2) See You later, Alligator!
3) After While, Crocodile!
4) What’s Up Buttercup?
5) Hi five, Up High, Down Low, Too Slow (can act out too)
6) And whatever you can think of.

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