Imitation Skills Overview

Imitation Course Objective

Each category will teach your child a new set of imitation skills. Imitation skills are a basic program to teach your child to become more independent. It also helps your child to build his attention span and attending to a task which will help your child with being able to go to school.
The objective of imitation skills is for your child to be able to independently mimic/repeat any motion presented to him.

Items you need

Toys, books, tweezers, pom poms, straws, whistles, any kind of toy you can blow into, coins, stickers, rubber bands, cup, fork, spoon, flute, paper, crayons, paint, paintbrushes, building blocks in different shapes and colors.

Data and Skill Tracking Sheets

For information on “how to” use the Data & Skill Tracking Sheets, please visit this page here and download forms. You will need these sheets for each lesson below, stored in binder.

Imitation Course Overview

This course will teach you about imitation skills. Imitation skills are divided into the following categories: Imitation with objects, Gross Motor Imitation (GMI-big motions with your body or an object), Fine Motor Imitation (FMI- small motions mostly done with your hands and fingers), Oral Motor Imitation (OMI-any motion with your mouths, lips or tongue), song imitation (motions that go with a song), drawing imitation (strokes made by a crayon, brush or marker), and block imitation (following motions with blocks).

Course Disclaimer


The following video course is designed to help parents with ABA techniques used in Autism therapy.

However, this video course is NOT intended to diagnose, insinuate or recognize any “individual” problems with Autism. All advice and demonstrations of therapy in our videos are simply “generalizations and quick tips” for parents dealing with Autism. Autism Support Now has outsourced BCBAs to help with the design of the courses – but the videos are NOT intended to solve, fix or correct “specific problems with Autism” or to replace in home “ABA Therapy”.


About the Instructor

Birka Katic is an ABA implementer in Missouri and has worked in an ABA therapy environment for the past eight years. Birka is the managing ABA Implementer and Instucter for Autism Support Now.

Autism Support Now offers ABA Therapy in Kansas City and throughout Southeast Missouri. Founded as an ABA self help video site in 2013 (by 501c3, Ella's Hope for Autism) ASN began offering in home ABA services in December of 2016 in Kansas City. In June of 2018 Autism Support Now, LLC opened it's second location in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.