What are Echoics?

The objective of echoics is for your child to be able to independently mimic sounds and or words that are presented to him.

What to do

  1. Sit at the table or floor with your child.
  2. Engage your child by saying his name and or touching his arm.
  3. After you get your child’s attention say ”(child’s name) say “bbbbb”
  4. Perfect outcome: Your child “bbbbb” You praise your child.
  5. Not so perfect outcome: no response from your child.
  6. Reengage your child by saying his/her name and or touching his/her arm and repeat the instruction “(Child’s name) say “bbbbbbb””, if your child says “bbbbb” praise your child! If not prompting your child to say anything is very hard. The only thing you can do is repeat your instruction.

I recommend doing it 3 times in a row. If you child is still not able to repeat the presented sound move on to a different task. Any kind of expressive skill might be hard for your child and it might take longer, maybe a couple weeks or even months, to get your child to the point of imitation or repeating anything you say. Don’t get frustrated and hang in there.

In addition Echoics is started with single sounds, then moved up to coupling sounds (for example “m e” “m o” “m a” “p a” “p o”) and usually ends with words. The same technique as described above is used for all of them.

Items you need

A list of target sounds and or words

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