GMOs and Autism

1 in 2 kids will have Autism by the year 2025?


A recent article came out about how 1 in 2 children will have Autism by the Year 2025. These claims based on the chemicals that Monsanto is using on their Round Up Ready GMO seeds, that we all consume on a daily basis.

You can see the article here.

At Autism Support Now, we don’t like to point the finger at any particular cause . . . but I will say, this one is of the most telling issues that could be considered a direct link to the upswing in Autism numbers.

DISCLAIMER: This editorial is just an opinion in response to the article above. So if you don’t agree, great, you have the right to your own opinion. So take the information below as a talking point only, as we aren’t claiming it to be right or wrong. There are always two sides to each argument. This is just one.

Monsanto has Saturated the Seed Market with GMOs

Monsanto’s GMO (round up ready) seeds have the ultimate “legal weapon” in patent protection. Since the introduction of GMO seeds, Monsanto has seemingly manipulated, or bankrupted, many small farmers who have gotten (RR crop) mixed into their seed lot somehow. As a result, now 90% (plus) of all corn and soy farmers use GMO seeds because of it. Essentially Monsanto has given most small farmers an ultimatum, of either “Use GMO”, or “We file suit against you, and bankrupt you as a farmer.” So most have switched to GMO seeds out of the fear of bankruptcy.

And some of those farmers who are fighting Monsanto, claim, handfuls of seeds were actually thrown on their private land, by Monsanto themselves, in order to trigger the potential law suit (or manipulation). I don’t know if that’s true?? But some farmers claim that it happened in the movie, “Food, Inc”. (Great documentary if you haven’t seen it).

I don’t know if Monsanto’s “men in the black car” actually exist, but I do know you can research the percentage of farmers now using GMO crop. And the numbers are crazy high, and completely saturated.

Looking at Health Issues since GMO take over

In all of this debate and hoopla, there is one fact that is VERY TRUE. That is, since the introduction of GMOs – Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s and other health issues have completely sky rocketed. I mean the numbers are off the charts. Since our daughter was first diagnosed with PDD NOS 8 years ago, the numbers with Autism have gone from 1 in 110 to 1 in 63. That’s a complete boost in numbers in only six years. Same goes for cancer. Last I checked, 1 in 2 men will get some type of cancer in their lifetime, and the female numbers are 1 in 3. These numbers are mind blowing to say the least, when you compare them to pre-1990s. Alzheimers, diabetes, obesity, numbers are all about the same. Dramatic rise all around. Just go look at the numbers for yourself, before GMO, and then compare each to today. It’s pretty scary, but telling in itself.

Monsanto denies the health concerns, as do Other Big Ags.

Monsanto denies that GMO or round up ready crops are causing ANY health issues at all. But realistically, anyone refuting the dramatic increase in health related numbers (or facts) since the introduction of mass produced GMO Product, is either A) make a ton of money or B) doesn’t want to admit they are hurting millions of people. I’m not claiming that Monsanto is the equivalent of the Death Star (on Star Wars), but they are pretty damn close. And with the numbers in Autism being so blatantly obvious, it sort of pisses me off that they try to sweep the known facts under the rug.

But Monsanto is not the only culprit. All big Ag are the same. They all are dousing our foods with all types of chemicals. And they claim they are helping produce more food, and helping put an end to hunger in America, even around the world. Yet still 1 in 6 Americans are going hungry??? In short its a BS smoke screen to make massive amounts of money, and let the politicians and IPs cover their asses for poisoning the world.

Looking at Monsanto’s history

We must also remember, Monsanto is a company that had a big hand in development of the H-bomb. They also created Agent Orange, DDT, and bought a company that produces Aspartame. Another chemical completely killing us all (via Diet Coke vessels). So as you can see, a company that is MAINLY worried about CASH, and could care less about Human poisoning and destruction is very hard to trust for sure. Go look at their history. It’s pretty shady to say the least.

What to do? Speak up, don’t buy big Ag and support Organic Farmers.

Whether you agree or disagree with our take on GMO foods, it’s best to make your opinion known to others. Conversation can only help stimulate debate about GMOs, which will eventually call for more studies, and eventually take the Monopoly of American (and World) Food Supply away from Monsanto and it’s GMO seed production.

Because, as you can see, from the Autism numbers alone, these increasing health issues are NOT going away.

Solution = Buy from small local farmers, don’t eat corn or soy (bad for you anyways), go 100% organic if possible on other foods.

So what to think? Are GMOs causing the uproar in Autism Numbers??

Picture referenced in post is from original article.

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