Dealing with Bad Behaviors

Quick Tip:Dealing with bad behaviors with Children on the spectrum

The manner in which one behaves on the spectrum, is related to the actions or reactions of a response to a external or internal stimuli.

In this quick tip we are looking at bad/non preferred behavior in a child. So let’s define this behavior as any defiant or inappropriate actions from a child.


  • ignore nondestructive behaviors, if the behavior, e.g. hitting, is directed towards you, block the hit but do NOT make eye contact with your child or talk to him/her.
  • Try to stay calm and walk away from the situation if you have to.
  • Redirect your child to a new task or activity.***For destructive or self-injurious behaviors: remove child from the situation that caused the behavior, e.g. the child is banging his/her head against the table, remove child from the table or any other hard surfaces in the area.
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