Autism Therapy
Autism Support Now offers ABA therapy services in the Kansas City Metro and Southeast Missouri region.

Need Better Support?
Our BCBAs on staff have decades of experience in ABA. Our RBTs are top notch, and focus on family first.

Digital Tracking
We use digital technology to track progress. The use of technology allows for immediate feedback.

Managed By ASD Parents
ASN is managed by parents who are living with Autism in their daily lives. We listen & understand the struggles.

Self Help ABA Videos


EOL with Cards

The objective of EOL with cards is for your child to be able to identify an item on a card by using a word, sign, approximation or an electronic communication device

Receptive Instructions

Receptive Instructions The objective is for your child to be able to follow simple commands. What to do 1. You sit in front of your child. 2. You...

Song Fill Ins

Song fill ins The objective of “song fill ins” is for your child to be independently able to complete missing words in songs by either...

Drawing Imitation

Drawing imitation The objective of drawing imitation is for your child to be independently able to follow any stroke you make with a crayon/marker on...

Using Utensils

Using Utensils The objective of using utensils is for your child to be independently able to use spoons and forks. Most children with autism have a...


Most children with autism have a hard time with understanding where they are in time and space. Being in an enclosed space gives them a feeling of security,stability and body awareness. A tunnel is a great way to give your child a safe and fun place to fulfill his needs.

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